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  • Perinatal Mental Health

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    Perinatal mental health encompasses the time of conception up to one year after birth. It includes mood disorders during pregnancy and postpartum.  Perinatal mental health also intersects with related complications and stress when we open our hearts to the idea of conception, infertility, and infant loss impact our mental health.

    Maternal mental health covers the stress and pressure within the responsibility and relationship of what motherhood entails.

    So whether you’re a seasoned mom with children raised or a new mom for the first time, or already have another child or children. Each pregnancy, each birthing, and each baby is different. Each phase of life is different. With this changes so does our relationship with our partner change. Counseling can help you cope with the strains that cause your feelings of overwhelm, as well as enhance this wonderful time of life for you.

    So If These Sound Like You…

    • I want to feel more fully connected to my child
    • I want to increase the chances that new parenthood will bring me and my partner closer
    • I think I need to do everything perfectly, but I’m failing
    • I wish to thrive in motherhood, but I don’t know if I am
    • I would like support and understanding
    • I have been struggling for so long I don’t even know where to start

    Therapy can help you feel valued, calm, capable, and connected as you begin or continue your motherhood journey. Therapy can help with a wide variety of new parenthood issues, from smaller issues and feelings to dealing with the major challenges or transitions that you or a partner could be experiencing.

    In our non-judgmental, supportive practice, we will discuss your wants and needs openly and respectfully. Using evidence-based techniques, therapies, and experience will help pave the way for an enjoyable beginning to your journey through parenthood.  Please contact us today for an appointment.